Fangirl Quest

Fangirl Quest is an ongoing project that combines our love of TV and movies, photography, travel and much more.

What started as an epic road trip to filming locations all over the UK eventually led to a series of photos we like to call SCENEFRAMING. Though this is still the heart and soul of our Quest, it has grown into something much bigger...

We attend events and premieres, visit attractions, meet other fans, organise giveaways and competitions and go on road trips as often as we can. And then we blog about it all.

See you on the road!

In honour of Doctor Who’s 50th celebration we visited one of the filming locations they used in the birthday episode: Chepstow Castle

Naturally, we didn’t have many usable stills from the episode yet, but we got creative and grabbed a fun moment from one of BBC’s interview clips, then placed the two Docs in their original location. It’ll be fun to see what other spots of the castle they used!

We’re getting up around 3am tonight to take the bus to London to attend the Doctor Who Celebration with a big bunch of other fans. We’ll be tweeting from the event all day.

Stay tuned for the upcoming photo report!


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    Yes. We’ve been very Doctor Who’ey lately, but come one. It’s the show’s 50th birthday and we’re huge fans. So, again,...
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