Fangirl Quest

Fangirl Quest is an ongoing project that combines our love of TV and movies, photography, travel and much more.

What started as an epic road trip to filming locations all over the UK eventually led to a series of photos we like to call SCENEFRAMING. Though this is still the heart and soul of our Quest, it has grown into something much bigger...

We attend events and premieres, visit attractions, meet other fans, organise giveaways and competitions and go on road trips as often as we can. And then we blog about it all.

See you on the road!

Meet Alonso the Adipose. He may not be the sharpest tool in the box and he’s a bit clumsy so he needs our help getting around. But he has a heart of gold (well, technically fat but you know) and he just loves Doctor Who!

Last Saturday he travelled all the way to London to celebrate 50 years of his favorite show along with thousands of other fans. You might have seen some of his shenanigans on twitter but here’s the full report.

He was a bit scared about making the journey and all those people but ended up having so much fun he just might consider leaving the safety of home again for some more adventures!

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