Fangirl Quest

Fangirl Quest is an ongoing project that combines our love of TV and movies, photography, travel and much more.

What started as an epic road trip to filming locations all over the UK eventually led to a series of photos we like to call SCENEFRAMING. Though this is still the heart and soul of our Quest, it has grown into something much bigger...

We attend events and premieres, visit attractions, meet other fans, organise giveaways and competitions and go on road trips as often as we can. And then we blog about it all.

See you on the road!

Show: Doctor Who
Location: Mt Stuart Square, Cardiff, Wales
Date: January 13th, 2014

Rain and cold again on Who set.. and a certain dude riding a fake horse wearing nothing else (?) but a nightgown. The first photo is of his first appearance to our little group of fans. He waved to us all like a proper hero, then hopped off the horse and came to say hi to everyone. He kept doing it after every take, making sure everyone got a photo if they wanted one.

We repeat what we said earlier: he’s charming and very nice to the fans.

PS: The guy riding the actual horse is his stunt.
PPS: Peter rode the horse too and said he’s “afraid of that horse and the horse knows it”.
PPPS: The nightgown is not the Doctor’s new outfit.

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